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Ros Pollock and Carol Karadag are both English and the hard work behind Ottoman Silks. Amazed by the 500 year old Ottoman designs we experimented with prototypes and patterns at the Olgunlasma Institute in Ankara before embarking on creating our own fabrics and commissioning one the best mills in Bursa, Turkey’s silk capital, to weave our fabric. Both academics and textile producers have congratulated us on the quality of our fabric – it is technically better than the original cloth produced by the best and most highly skilled weavers at Topkapi Palace but we, of course, we have the great advantage of using jacquard looms!

Together our vision is to expand the collection and showcase more of the ‘contemporary’ designs originated over 500 years ago!

We continue to bring new products into the Collection and will be expanding our interior design range with a parallel fabric composition that is entirely synthetic and more suitable for robust interior projects like hotels and offices.

With the proceeds of our success, we aim to create and support a hand weaving school in Turkey that can train the next generation of weavers in the techniques that produced such beautiful cloth during the height of the Empire.

Ros Pollock

Ros Pollock

Ros arrived in Ankara in 2011 to be with her husband who works with the United Nations. With a daughter at school during the day, she had time on her hands and soon became intrigued by Ottoman heritage and in particular the origins of the many iconic designs seen throughout Turkey. Her respect and interest in Ottoman heritage has been the driving force behind creating Ottoman Silks and now that she has returned to London has the opportunity to broaden the collection and bring it to designers and individuals worldwide.

Ros previously co-owned and sold Langston Scott Corporate Hospitality brokers and latterly The Tower of London Music Festival.


Ipek: The Crescent & the Rose is the lavish and magnificently illustrated inspiration behind Ottoman Silks that demonstrates the creativity of Ottoman weavers in detail. Textiles of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were status symbols, diplomatic gifts, artistic mediums and economic treasures -- silk fabrics were among the most powerful and most characteristic artistic products of the Ottoman Empire. Wars were fought for control of silk revenues, and governments devoted major bureaucratic efforts toward the organization, regulation and taxation of silk production.

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